9 OUT OF 10

Had a conversation with a friend, she said that nine out of ten,
Of the relationships and situationships that couples are in,
Aren't even with the people that they want to be with,
I had to think for a minute, cause that's some serious sh*t.
Cause this is a chick that I got love for and she knows it,
Ironically, my heart unavailable for her to go with.
She waiting on me to respond but it was such a heavy text,
That I had to take the proper time to put it into context.
Because the first person you love is often the first person you lose,
An immature love, when you were young and confused.
And you gave your heart away before you really knew how it worked,
Giving up all your love before you even understood all it's worth.
So when you got your second chance, to tango with romance,
You felt like you had the rhythm, you more prepared to do the dance.
But you had a dream, the desire for bigger things,
And you tried to take her with you but she don't fit into the scheme.
And breaking up was easier to do when you were in your teens,
But now you mid twenties and life is getting mean.
But you say goodbye love, I say goodbye,
Always know I love you, always know I tried.
Now that's two strikes, only one more left.
Step back up to the plate, crowd holds their breath.
Birthday celebration you just hit the dirty thirty,
Momma calling you telling you child you better hurry,
Talking bout' your ex love just got engaged,
To some other guy, and y'all the same age.
So the next person you meet, who's talking to you sweet,
You ready to jump the broom, and sweep her off her feet.
And you almost did it, yeah you got so close,
There was only one problem, she's not your first choice.
No matter how well you fake it, love has to be naked,
I see you for who you are and I cherish it and embrace it.
So now you 32 and you don't really have a plan,
Using the word "bae", cause he ain't technically your man,
And we all running around, Netflix and chill with your friend,
But to answer your question yeah bout' nine out of ten.


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