It's finally come, your wedding day. A huge moment in any couples life. But for the guy's, we've been overlooked for far too long. I'm taking a stand damn it. Everything, everything about weddings is for the Bride. All we get is a (hopefully) wild bachelor party. Is that the only redemption we get for getting on one knee, confessing our love, and putting 3 months salary on her finger. Let alone the fact that we are pledging our lives to you ladies and vow not to have sex with any other hot chicks on earth. And this is an era where there's a new Kardashian chick turning 18 like every day. Not enough I say, not enough. I want more....I think it's time we got our special moment to shine....I think the Groom should be able to walk down the aisle too. That's right dag gon' it. I said it. We're starting a new trend. And to help solidify this movement....here are my top 5 songs for the groom to walk down the aisle.


#5: Jagged Edge: Let's Get Married

Another classic banger from a classic group. I feel like I don't need to provide reasons for this choice...but I will anyway. Fredro Star is in the video people, Shorty Duwop, Sunset Park. Another great depiction of the mindset of a man. When you ready to give up the games, "Girl let's just get married".

#4 Edwin McCain "I'll Be.

Now for my more Urban audience, you may be like, "who"? But hey, I grew up in the suburbs and Dawson's Creek and Felicity were two of my favorite shows growing up. And if you were a Dawson's Creek fan, whether you were team Dawson or Team Pacey, by the way all you twilight punks better recognize the whole beginning of that was....wait...I digress. Edwin McCain's son had me believing in such a thing as puppy love and soul mates....and he makes my list. "I'll be, your crying shoulder". Classic.

#3 Prophet Jones "Lifetime"

A classic song by a group that failed to get past their 15 minutes of fame. I don't know why they went away, but at least they left us with one classic that we can start our revolution of grooms getting their walk down the aisle to. If you promising her a lifetime, the least she can give you is a proper entrance.

#2 Joe - Don't wanna be a player

Now this might just be from my generation, and young kids won't know this song. But guess what....young kids suck anyway. Joe is an R&B icon providing hit after hit for the lovers of the world. And this song is a classic with a straight forward message that any guy who fell in love has said to himself. "I don't wanna be player no more"

# 1: "Player's Anthem" UGK Ft. Outkast

I've been to a few weddings and this song always comes to mind when standing in the room with the Groomsmen. It's the ultimate track for when you are about to make that leap. Not only does it exemplify what a groom goes through but the video also shows what the grooms boys are going through. It starts with one of the most memorable raps by Andre 3000 ending with the most memorable line, " keep your heart 3 stacks keep your heart".

Well that's my list. Guys what song you going with, let me know! We have to speak up and demand our right to walk down the aisle bruhs.....closed mouths don't get fed!!!!

#letuswalk #wegotrights

*****Innocent Thoughts of a Guilty Man*****


  1. I understand what you are saying here. However, I am curious to know how many other men would actually "want" to walk down the aisle though.

  2. They would...I have to set the example...but if they make it G'd up they would do it! 2 step down that thang...


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