I almost fell in love,  yeah I almost made her mine
We got so close, to being the most, but I almost every time.
Almost said I love you, almost made it work.
And I get so close to almost, then I always make you hurt
Like I almost could be a good man, I almost could be true.
But you over there, and I 'm over here, and almost just won't due.
I almost made it big, yeah I almost reached the top
But almost ain't doing the most, like you almost hit her spot.
And we almost get it right, yeah we almost went all the way
23 hours of good love, and the last hour I throw it away.
And we almost were a couple, yeah we almost were together
But when you almost in love, then almost means never.
We almost made up, and I almost apologized.
I wrote you a love letter, then tore it up, and cried.
I was almost man enough, only almost, but I tried.
Maybe next time I wont be almost, and swallow all my pride.
You can call me Mr. Almost, I'm Mr. In Between
I'm not the one she wants forever, I just the man she's seeing.
Cause I'm almost what she needs, yeah I'm almost what she wants.
And I'm almost sure the next time, almost won't even show up.
And I almost book that trip, yeah I almost took that flight.
But I always back down, when almost gives me a fright
Like I almost kissed her, wished I would've
We were in time square, I think I could've
Surrounded by the bright lights of the neon signs
On a cool night I know I should've.
But I'm Mr. Almost, I'm Mr. In Between
I'm Mr. Should've Could've Would've...
I 'm Mr. Only in My Dreams
Almost made her smile
Almost made her mine
Almost kissed her lips
Almost licked her thighs
Almost squeezed her back
Almost pulled her hair
I almost made her cum
She screaming almost there.
But I almost.....
Do I love her, maybe almost.....
Are we together, baby almost....
Keep you forever, girl almost...
Does she do it better, not even close..
But we almost......but we almost.....
But we almost....damn we almost.


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