Tell em' what you tired of son!

  • I'm tired of that one guy in the gym who wears the same exact outfit every day. Are you washing that? Who works out every day and doesn't have at least two pairs of shorts. 

  • I'm tired of having to say good morning to people when I walk in the office. I see you five times a week. I only see my mother once a year but I have to say good morning to you like every freaking day. I want to make a shirt that says Good Morning and just wear it to work every day and point at it.

  • I'm tired of Facebook promoting items I search for on Google. I know you're stalking me Facebook. How else would you be advertising men's Speedos unless you knew I was pricing some? 

  • I'm tired of people live broadcasting a television show via twitter and Facebook. Since when is it no longer good enough to just watch the damn show. Now you need to advertise every scene like I don't have a freaking TV too? Put your damn phone down and watch a show.

  • I'm tired of homeless people. Now I know that sounds mean. But I don't like anybody asking me for money, not my momma, not my friends, so why would I like a stranger asking me for money? Go rob a bank and earn my respect.

  • I'm tired of fat girls in leggings. There should be an weight requirement like there is a drinking age.

  • I'm tired of people posting old videos like they're new. If you posting a video that was popular more than 3 days ago just don't.  Then you got the nerve to tag me. Bruh I don't associate with outdated material, untag me please. Thank you.

  • I'm tired of the open and public acceptance and tolerance of side-chicks. WTF? We can't keep secrets anymore. Now everybody knows they exist.

  • I'm tired of seeing guys in black suits and brown shoes. It's 2015. I thought we all knew better by now?

  • I'm tired of seeing ads for tampons before 10pm. That sh*t is gross. Tampons should be something you don't even need to advertise. It's like crack, it sells itself. You don't need to create the demand, mother nature did that. 

  • I'm tired of people who listen to all kinds of music acting like that's the equivalent to getting a masters degree in Physics. You're eclectic, not Mother Theresa. Congratulations. 

  • I'm tired of people creating meme's and then people act like it came from the bible. Just because somebody created a Zodiac meme saying Libra's are the smartest don't mean you need to start verbal warfare online. It's a damn meme. Besides, we all know Scorpios are the best and brightest. 

I could carry on for days.....but I need to go make some meme's for the weekend. Comment and let me know what you're tired of!

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  1. Wow. I can see why you're exhausted. You spend a lot of energy trying to right the world. If you do get a shirt that says good morning and wear it everyday, will you wash it or get at least two? I'll bet homeless people are also tired - of being homeless and after what you said about fat girls the homeless comment didn't really seem so mean. I'll give you the wisdom of the meme phenomenon though. A cute picture does not make nonsense wise. I'd like to share something I learned a long time ago. It doesn't take much to make people feel bad. Most people already do. What takes talent is to make someone who feels bad about themselves or their lives feel good - and it's energizing instead of exhausting.
    Rest up this weekend. Monday will be here soon.

  2. Tired of:

    Grocery stores having raggedy ass baskets. After a long days work the last thing I want to hear is a squeaky ass buggy. Like... Yall don't do inventory??

    Seeing girls with taco hair hanging out their bikinis. FIX THAT SHIT ASAP. Like ... How your hair Brazilian up top but Nigerian down low smh.



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