Remember when love used to be easy? Like kiddy love. Kiddy love was the best. You'd see a pretty girl on the playground and she had on blue shirt and blue was your favorite color so you liked her. And you would go speak to her and by the end of recess that was your girlfriend. You guys go together now. And your buddies would ask you, "why do you like Tiffany"? And you'd respond, "her hair looks good in a ponytail". And they'd all agree with you and that was love. Now it's like you say you like a girl and there are sooo many boxes to check off. Does she have a job, what are her goals, did she go to college, what is her stance on gun control, is she a democrat or a republican? And I'm still over here in kiddy mode like, "I don't know, but she looks great in a sundress".

      My issue is that I always pick the most difficult situations to try in fall in love. Whether the person is emotionally unavailable or the physical geography of the situation prohibits a connection, I will undoubted be attracted to the situation. Imagine me standing at a crossroads, and there are two arrows; One arrow reads, " Easy love and happiness" and the other, "emotionally unavailable difficulty", guess which road I'm taking? Your damn right, give me that difficulty, that sounds fun. It's one to want a challenge, but I think I might be emotionally retarded.

      I partially blame the internet, there are far too many options these days. A few years back I fell for a girl who lived in London. Yep, London. To be fair, I am a slut for accents. I think everybody has a slut trigger. Maybe you love bold legged guys, or you get slutty for dimples, I don't know, I'm just saying everybody has their one trigger. But back in the 60's you didn't have to worry about falling for some girl in London because it was basically impossible to maintain that type of relationship, but with modern technology, the Skype, face time, instant messenger, having a long distance relationship is much easier, still stupid, but much easier.

      Competition has become much more fierce for those wooing a woman. Cause not only do you have all your local threats. You have all the "thirsties" on Instagram and Facebook liking every picture she puts up. And they come from everywhere, state, country, doesn't matter....they are out there. Internet dating isn't any easier...I mean are any of you on these dating sites? It's screen after screen of girls and it's just like..."here are chicks that like what you like....find a wife". Huh? Wait, come back, I need more help! I don't know, I guess I'm still a bit old fashioned and just believe I'm going to bump into her in a bookstore and we'll fall right away. But it's they still have bookstores?

- David Anthony



  1. Good stuff...that last line about bookstores says it all....the world is much smaller now because access to everything can now be done remotely...

  2. I agree! In my Zapp voice computer love!!!! Shoo be doo bop I wanna love you. #2K15 *sigh*

  3. Yeah man, love take too long in this fast paced world, ain't nobody got time for that! Lol


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