I been drinking, I been drinking,
And that turns into thinking, yeah I've been thinking,
Now I'm all up in my feelings, yeah I can feel em'
Online looking at her pictures, damn I should steal em'
Jealousy all in my veins, wait what's my problem
I be doing the same thing, maybe that's my problem
Cause while I'm on your Instagram, staring at your pictures,
I'm all up at this bar, pouring another pitcher
Women all around me, asking me my name,
They say like my style, they say they like my frame,
Had you as my screen saver, but I had to switch it
Because pretty girls with pretty curls give me their digits
Get my picture back up there, yeah I'm too conceited
Feed me more compliments, baby yeah I need it...

I've been drinking, I been drinking
And I've had one too many, now I've been thinking
Why the f*ck are we not together spending all our weekends
We can do it through the night just so we can sleep in,
Who the hell is this, all on your Facebook,
Complimenting you, on how your face look
Why the fuck is he on every pic, with a comment,
Tell this dude he common, tell this dude who I am
Maybe I should say shit, dammit I wanna say shit,
I'm trying to post this comment,
But I'm too drunk to try and space it
Just face it, chill out, that ain't even your girl
Who the hell bought me this shot, I hope I don't hurl
How the hell I get on this dance floor
What the hell I wanna dance for
Well now this girl all on me.
So hell I guess I'll dance more.

Cause I've been drinking, I been drinking
And a brother so gone I'm no longer thinking
I should dial up my ex and tell her she's a bitch
And I'm the realest n*gga that she ever hooked up with
Who the hell did I just text at 2 AM
She responding "seriously Dave are you drunk again"
WASTED, damn, did I just that post that on Facebook,
Trying to delete it thinking of how my mama face look.
Dammit let me tab out, cause I'm about to tap out
Plus I got this pretty girl, and I'm gonna blow her back out,
Back up to the pad now, out the cab we hop out
Out her blouse she pop out, I hit it until she tap out
Now I'm standing in the mirror, staring at my reflection
Taking off my contraception, ashamed of my perception
Reflection asking me, so Dave, what were you thinking,
And I look at me and say, I don't know man, I was drinking.


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