She's the first one on my mind when I wake up,
I wake right up, to say what's up
She says what's up, I say not much,
Just got up, she says that's what's up
I'm about to hop in this shower and get ready for work
She say she wish she could hop in there with me and give me that work
She makes me laugh, but it makes me sad, 
Cause I know that ain't gon' work
Cause I can never be where she at,
And that loneliness it hurts
She say I can't with you
I say I can't with you either
But I wake up everyday 
With the thought that I can't leave her
Cause I need her, what would I do without her
She's always on mind, she takes up every hour
Daydreaming about her, as I let the water hit my skin
I can hear the bathroom door open, you trying to sneak in
So I stay still, and she wraps her arms around me
We stand in silence and let the water surround me
Willingly drowning, this is as peaceful as it gets
These are the moments I invent
Your hair still wet from the shower
Kissing on your neck while you beg me to go deeper and deeper
Giving you everything, this is everything
No this the only thing, only moans and screams
Only hopeless dreams, of my perfect dream
Looking at myself in the mirror,
The problems couldn't be any clearer
Why you always falling for girls that won't fall
Giving all your love for no love at all
I think you more in love with a challenge
You like it when your life's out of balance
Cause it helps you to get out your talent,
They love the poetry of your wildness
So you racing home staring at your phone
Saying baby I'm almost there
And I've verified that looks can kill
Cause she murders me with one stare
With those green eyes and curly hair,
Nah baby ain't going nowhere
So I'll spend hours right in front of you
Knowing I can't be there.
Then as I lay down in the bed
Alone in the dark of the night
I lay there shaking my head,
Cause I know it still ain't right
But it's morning again and the sun comes up
Looking for her message and one comes up
It says I can't, I say I can't
Back to the shower to turn the heat up.


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