The weather's changing, you can feel it in the air,
It's still Summer, but you can tell, the Fall is quietly there.
I was wondering if you got any plans for the Autumn?
Do you think you gonna need a man when the leaves start falling?
I know they call it cuffing season, so I'd love to you lock you up.
Promise to serve and protect you when the weathers getting rough.
Things I think about, as I sit and watch the sun set.
Fantasies of having conversations over the sunset.
Walking through the city as the leaves change colors,
The chill in air, it whispers, you better love her,
If you wanna keep it quiet it's cool, I'll go undercover.
We can Netflix and chill all night, deep under covers.
And we wouldn't have to go nowhere once the city starts snowing,
Stay inside and cuddle up, we can keep candles glowing.
No Instagram posts with philosophical deep quotes,
We staying off the grid, what we do, nobody knows,
But the days are still warm, so go ahead and rock that sundress
But when the weather starts to turn, I'll be right here to undress,
Cause when it's freezing outside they say body heat is the best,
And I've been peeking at you for a while and your body is the best.
So put on your silk pajamas, there's a meeting in my bedroom,
And although the bed's a king, we still don't have no leg room.
Cause I wanna be tangled between your thighs, intertwined with your hips
Wrapped all around your waist, and deep inside your lips.
We making fire by the fire, go ahead and sweat it out.
After that, it's sweatpants and sushi we ordered out.
But there's still heat in the air go ahead and stay out late,
But fall approaches, where your calendar? Let's circle us a date.
Cause it's almost cuffing season and I wanna put in an application,
I'm qualified for the job if necessary I have recommendations.
It can get ugly in the Winter but my lord you forever pretty.
Everyday of Winter would feel like Summer if you were with me.
You have the sun in your eyes and your thighs carry the ocean,
Come with me and ride the wave I'll help you to keep the motion.
A couple more trips to the beach is all you got.
In your bathing suit with all them cheeks you make it hot.
A couple more weeks of heat, heat up the block.
And when Summer time is up it's my time, look at the clock.
But for now you can chill for real, enjoy your time.
Just hoping that in time, with seasons change that you'll be mine.
Had to put in my request, I'm serious, I'm not pretending.
This is a notice that I want you, Fall for me cause Summers ending.


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