My heart and my head rarely walk hand in hand,
As if my head lives in the city and my heart's laying in the sand.
And L.A. has too much traffic so I can't do the back and forth,
My heart says settle down but my head keeps me on course.
Let's agree to disagree, let me be and I'll let you be.
All you give us is regret you been wrong since 23.
Remember the pretty girl that you swore was gon' hold you down?
Well she did, but under water, love damn near made us drown.
But I got us back on course, use your head and try to focus,
Keep putting pen to paper, put the whole world on notice.
Yeah I know this, the flow is dopeness, but it pumps from my heart,
So while you're trying to keep us focused, I stay doing my part.
And all ask is where's the love, you know I run off the love?
Without me you can't function, I give you all the blood.
Hold up now, you tripping, you know how you always sipping,
Stay singing drunk and love, you been making bad decisions,
Can't find love that way, even I know that.
When you get all lost in your feelings who be pulling you back?
Cause I'm tired of watching you get hurt and being stupid,
You keep picking the same girls but be hoping for some new sh*t.
That ain't my fault though, I like what I like, what can I say?
And every time I try to commit you go running the other way.
You never sit still, you never let me stay.
Twisting up my words when you know I have something to say.
Must you forget, we in this together we both connected,
So every time that you get hurt, I also get affected.
It's my job to be smart, and to keep you protected.
We out here reaching for greatness, you know we been selected.
So stay focused on your scripts, your poetry, and your rhyming
You know what I said about love, it's all chemistry and timing.
Keep grinding, don't worry about when it's gonna happen,
Cause when it's real we'll both agree, and we'll move with one action.
Come on Heart, we have the same fight like every week.
I know Head but in the bed, it get lonely in them sheets.
Just keep riding for me and I'm gon' ride for you
He said I love you, I said I know, I got love for you too.


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