Donald Trump is a polarizing I don't know any of his politics... I know he has no or little political background...has little knowledge of the inner workings...but yet he's qualified to be president? I love when people say...he's a smart business man and he's a straight shooter...oh word...that's the qualifications to be president? and speaks his mind....I say real sh*t I'm half way ready to be president? His slogan, Make America Great, that I like....but what the f*ck does that mean? Like how are you planning on doing that? Building a wall and kicking out Muslims? Like once we do that, is the poverty rate supposed to fall? Will our economy boom? Here is what I do know and or can form a healthy opinion on by studying "The Donald". The man is an arrogant sociopath. We are talking about a guy who names all his real estate property after himself lol. He's an ugly Tony Stark but not as cool and no Iron Man suit. If he moved into the white house I'd bet he would change the name of that to the Trump House immediately. Every time he speaks you can smell the arrogance. From his pompous hair to his ugly smirk you just know this is a guy who loves himself greatly. You know he was just sitting at home thinking, how can I get more attention....I know...I'll run for President. And he's doing it...and he's probably going to win it. He picked the perfect time against the perfect candidate. Donald Trump has realized what America really is and how to work it.... America is a country full of idiots in love with Reality TV...and that's what he is giving you...a Reality TV show. He's made his campaign...this election process the greatest reality TV show on earth. He can basically say whatever crazy things he want and he knows the media will eat it up, play it over and over, argue over it, etc. etc. You don't need to be the best candidate to need to be the best known candidate to win. And he dominates the headlines and the news cast. I mean honestly, look around. People who love Trump are talking about him...but more importantly, people who hate Trump are talking about him. Nobody is talking about Hillary or what she stands for, nobody is making cases for why she should be President. I've never heard of so many Democrats and or Independent's watching the Republican National Convention...and it's because they are hooked on Trump. Donald Trump is the Kim Kardashian of politics, and no matter what you say or feel, just like her, Donald is going to keep winning, because you can't stop watching. You hear people saying why Trump sucks or why he should go. But here is the real kicker...the more people complain about Trump, the more Republicans get excited about voting for him. Especially minorities...because if there is one thing that rich privileged conservatives love to do, it's pissing off the regular folk lol. Conservatives can't stand liberals, so seeing you guys whine and complain and protest is like fuel to their fire. I'm telling you they have figured out how it works. Spew out some slick talk and say America a bunch of times and every country backwards rebel flag waving, camouflage wearing, duck hunting, tobacco chewing "son of a bitch" is gonna be on your team. "Get them Muslims out our country". It's not politics, it's popularity. In a stand up show, Chris Rock stated that America has a gang mentality, which I always thought was true. Everybody repping they set, their side, their political affiliation. Which is why nothing ever gets done in our country. It doesn't matter who wins because the other side is going to fight and block everything the other party tries to do. It will be four years of arguing and nothing gets done and then we will be back to arguing about who should run the country next. The good businessman argument is by far the scariest to me. An ego maniac with an outstanding business mind...what's not to stop him as president to make sure all his decision benefit all his business? What is the regulation of that going to be like if any? He is a rich business man and his loyalties will likely stay to rich business men right? "Rome is the mob", a classic line in the film "Gladiator". Well, America is the mob. It's a circus, and Trump is the master ringleader. Republicans are tired of losing, so they pulled out their Trump... and in Spades, the trump is the Big Joker. Ironic, don't you think? #makeamericagreatagain


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