For as long as men and women have walked the earth, I am sure the question has been floating around out there. Can I guy and a girl be strictly friends? I can’t count the amount of times I have argued with a girlfriend about her having guy friends and or vice versa. I have decided to share my “knowledge” with the world in hopes to enlighten those who need to know the truth on this topic.
There are only 3 reasons a guy would be friends with a girl: (1) He wants to hit it. (2) He's gay (3) The homie clause.

He wants to hit it:

Women can be naive on a lot of things, none more so true than her guy “friend”. And don’t be swayed by the, “you don’t trust me” excuse fella’s. I trust the girl I’m dating, it’s the guy you can’t trust, and with good reason too. Guys are friends with girls because we want to have sex with you. Being your friend is simply an angle to use to get the panties. It was first used by a very desperate man who could not seem to get the girl he wanted, and then, an epiphany. Act like her friend, gain her trust, and eventually, she will give it up. A dangerous route to take, because you could get stuck in the “friend zone”. Some guys aren’t like that? Yeah right. Every guy is like that. Every girl I have tried being friends with, I slept with. Every guy I know who is friends with a girl, wants to hit it, and just hasn’t found a way yet. Men think about sex every six seconds on average, if a guy is your friend, and you spend time with him, at some point, the thoughts about sex, are going to start to include you. It’s inevitable. A few examples of how being the friend turns into sex: Love and Basketball – Clueless –etc. Etc. You get the idea.

He’s Gay:

I love gay guys as friends for my girlfriend. The more gay friends a girl has the better. Especially if the gay guy thinks you are attractive, because then he will tell your girl she should be happy, and the girl won’t get jealous, because he’s gay. You know girls don’t want their girl friends to like you, because women naturally hate each other and are jealous. Plus, how many times do you meet a girl, and her friends are so fine, and the whole time you are with them, you can’t help but want to bang her friends? Problem solved right here, no desire to bang this gay dude at all.

The Homie Clause:

The homie clause is fairly simple; however it can be difficult at times. It is simply a friend by association. Your best friend is dating a girl, thus by relationship laws, you have to be friends with her as well. Now just because he has to be friends with that girl doesn’t necessarily mean he does not want to have sex with her, after all, he is still a man. Thus, the rule of feelings. If your friend declares feelings for a girl, then by rule you can never get with her, at this point, you think of her as a sister, or a dude. If it’s a girl he only dated a few times, then you simply have to get the “OK” to pursue and conquer. Breaking the “homie clause” is not recommended at any time under any circumstances. It doesn’t matter if it’s a girl he dated in high school who he has not talked to in ten years, you don’t break the clause.
So, be careful of your friends!!!


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