I’ve been wondering, wondering, wondering  just where you are
Sitting in the grass, smoking on grass, looking up at the sky, wishing on a star
I mean what is she like, what does she do, is her favorite color red, or maybe is it blue
Does she listen to Jazz, can she sing the blues, can we harmonize, can she carry a tune
I been wondering, just wondering, I mean where is she at, and how do we meet
Are you at the mall, is it in the bar, or do I spot you in the crowd walking down the street?

Sitting at home watching love stories, wondering what’s our love story
And how I made you feel like, you aint never ever experienced real love before me
Maybe we at the coffee shop, you sitting there with your laptop
And I tell you a funny joke, and your laugh, it makes my heart stop
And we sit and talk for hours, just sipping on our Latte’s
And I’m noticing that your body,  about damn near hot as my coffee
Better yet, it’s Barnes and Noble, and I’m sitting there reading my favorite book
And as I turn page, I stare ahead, and I catch you giving me that “Hey” Look
That “Hey” look? Like “Heeeeyy” look,  I think I wanna say “hey” look
Like I done lost my page look,  now she done got my head shook.

Nah damn that, you at the Lounge, you with ya girls just lounging,
I’m with my boys, we making noise, we cutting up, straight clowning
Then the DJ switches up the pace, he throws on a slow jam
I spot you, you spot me, and it’s feeling just like romance
So I stand up, I walk over, the music has me cruising
I say excuse me ladies, and how are ya’ll, and pardon me for the intrusion
But I’ve been working hard all day long, and I came here for some relaxing
and the DJ playing my favorite song, and I was hoping you feel like dancing
Who me? Who Her? Who her? Who me? You girl he looking right at you.
Oh I’m sorry for the confusion, but yes Miss I meant to ask you?
Go girl, go girl, get up, get up, get off your ass and get a move on
He smells good, he dressed nice, go ahead and get your groove on.

I reach out my hand as she stands and I lead her,
On a scale of 1 to 10 I’d have to say she’s off the meter.
So I introduce myself and I say it’s nice to meet her,
She says she surprised I came over, she didn’t think I would see her,
I laugh a little, she looks at me, and says what are you laughing at?
I look at her and smile “now how could I miss a smile as pretty as that”?
She looks at me and she’s blushing , I can feel my blood it’s rushing,
I can feel the base it’s pumping, we grooving we touching,
Could this be something, I mean could this be our love thing
I’m wondering, I’m wondering, I’m wondering  just where you are?
Then I wake up, its night time, and I’m lying under the stars
I stand up, and start walking, it’s time I got back home
But as I pass a girl, she smiles at me, and I wonder if she’s the one.


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