If a dude likes girls, he's straight....if a dude likes dudes, he's gay....If a dude decides he's a girl, and then dates guys...Is he straight or gay? If you a dude who becomes a girl to date a girl and you the butch dude/girl of the relationship...can that even be considered a change...cause you basically still a is confusing. Pretty soon we gonna be like the dinosaurs on Jurassic Park and be mixed with Amphibian DNA and just switch genders as we please.....every time I get pulled over or about to walk into a bar I'm switching to female.... #notickets and #freedrinks

If I'm ever late on my rent I'll just suck a few dicks for some cash. All my boys would be like, "Dude, you're gay"! And I'd be like no way bruh, I was a female when I did that shit. Doesn't count. The only catch would be if you get pregnant you can't go back. I mean that would really take courage right? You'd have to be careful as a guy, you think it's all fun and games and you get knocked up and you're stuck as a chick.

I mean they never really address that in the X Men stories. Mystique just shape-shifts into whomever she wants. But the real Mystique of it all, is whether or not she has balls when she shifts? I could just see Wolverine making out with her, then she shifts into a dude, and he impales her with his claws. Professor wheel his ass in there talking about "What happened"? "I was about to get me some of that Mystique pussy Magneto be talking about and she turned into a dude, so I stabbed her". Professor X would think for a minute and then answer, " Quick, give her some of your healing power and I'm gonna erase her memory, we'll throw her outside, pour some scotch on her, and tell her she blacked out and we found her like that". And Cyclops gonna catch them with his hating ass and say they wrong for that, but Wolverine and them don't even care.

Wait, what was I talking about?

What's really important is equality for all...equal opportunity and what not. So if Bruce Jenner wants to be a girl, cool, but that also means I shouldn't be judged harshly for thinking and or admitting that she is one ugly chick. I mean that girl is ugly. Caitlin Jenner looks like the drunken love child of Doug Funny and Patty Mayonaisse. 

I just ask two things. One, if you were once a dude, be upfront. I may lie to a girl and tell her I'm an astronaut, or  Cuba Gooding Jr's cousin, but I would never lie about my true gender. And second, guys should reserve the right to ask without having a girl get all bent out of shape by it...I mean damn, some of the doctors do some damn good work and that sh*t is getting harder and harder to tell, especially with beer goggles on, you all look good. So just answer the question and move on. I live in Hollywood man, it will be the second question I ask. What's your name? Linda, that's pretty. Soooo.... what are you?


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