Let's go out, come on let's go out,
You gon' spend another weekend just sitting on the couch?
When you know the city popping and all the girl are out,
And all you gotta do is smile and they coming all around?
But I miss her, you already know good and well that I miss her,
What's the point of going out when these other girls can't kick her,
They can't kick her out my mind, no she sitting at the top,
And as much as they may try they can't get her out her spot.
But where she at though? She ain't even hit you up to say hello.
And you sitting here alone when you know where we could go.
Let's go slide out to the bar, where they treat you like a star,
We'll only have a couple drinks, promise we won't go that hard.
That's what you always say and then we don't remember half the night,
Waking up hungover as f*ck and half the day has passed us by.
No I should chill, really I should chill,
I should hit her up, remind her how I feel.
Nah you should keep it real, she only hit you up when she want.
And every time she does, there you go and jump.
Don't be a chump, remember who are and let your swagger out,
You been blessed with looks to kill so go ahead and pull your dagger out.
And keep up on you pimping, you better off being single.
These girls killing you slowly, it's better when you mingle.
But I know I can do better, I know that I can get her...
I know I could settle down, and love her if she let her.
Let her guard down, breaking down her defenses,
Love done made you stupid, cause what you say is senseless,
You were meant for greatness, only worry about the latest,
Trying to falling in love, see that is where the mistake is,
They trying to sell you dreams, I 'm trying to give you real...
I'm telling you what I know, you depending on how you feel.
So many thoughts in my head, it's hard to differentiate the voice,
There's good and evil on my mind, I just gotta make a choice.


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