He posted in the group, "Are there any good black women left"?
And they answered " hell yes, but all you niggas is deaf".
It's like we screaming to be heard, but y'all don't ever listen..
No all y'all want is Jordan, you never checking for Pippen.
Yeah maybe he not a star, but he be playing his role.
He not selling a million shoes, but yet he's rich in his soul.
You too caught up in Power, you fall in love with a Ghost,
So when he disappear on you, so do your dreams and your hopes,
And be like, y'all brothers ain't shit, ya' so quick,
To slide up in every girl that be sweating your dick.
With your Tinders, and Happn, all you do is swipe,
Good girls get left, when them hoes get you right.
And you right, them hoes is everywhere, they always there,
But we talking about the good ones who act like they don't care.
I mean we out here but when we text we can't get a reply,
You too busy in the DM's of some terrible guy.
You know the one who got kids, and baby mama's and shit,
And plenty of drama for all, but still you let him hit.
See good brother's is like Waldo we hard to find,
But you usually find a diamond in the darkest mine.
And you find the truest love in the deepest mind.
We want soul diggers not gold diggers baby get it right.
She posted "a deep conversation is better then good sex".
But she ignoring  your calls just to answer his text.
Sending sex pics that she hides from you in a secret folder,
Dick pic replies, Netflix and chill, baby come on over.
So when you together he get's a message and she cuts her eyes,
What bitch is that you talking to? Knowing damn well that he gonna lie.
And the two of you sitting on the couch talking to other people.
Fucking up what could be a good love because of other people.
Ain't heard from her in weeks and then come one Friday night,
She asking if you can come over, what he ain't doing you right?
What you think a brother stupid, think we ain't hip to the game?
Ladies was tired of getting played and now they doing the playing.
And we all praying for a love, but complain love is a joke,
We not speaking the same language the communication is broke.


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