So unless you live on Mars then you know Luke Cage dropped on Netflix... and although it's awesome... my friend and I had a few concerns and comments... so I present to you... the funniest conversation we have ever had. None of this is made up...copied straight from google chat. I warn you, the language is graphic and of bad taste.....hahahahaha.

so i did some research on luke cage
seems the netflix series took some liberties
as hollywood usually does
cause luke cage was a blood according to wikipedia lol
Oh word...that shit is getting good tho
U done with it?
i have one episode left
rosario dawson could have my babies though
They took out my nigga Cotton mouth tho lol...nigga was a G
i like him wayyy better then diamondback
that nigga talks way too much
and he way to arrogant
like somebody kill this nigga already please
cottonmouth was a G
Way too arrogant lol
Like that nigga God or some shit
Nigga u can get got
lol he be quoting and shit
come in telling niggas what to do
peel that nigga muffin cap back blue
I'm not with all the religious quotes lol
shit is annoying
Nigga trying to drop knowledge and be a G
you not sam L Jackson
the other thing that cracks me up
how hard is it to find one buff bald nigga walking around the hood in a hoodie filled with bullethoes
That bullet they hit Luke wit tho
like i know Kanye got niggas wearing shit with holes in it now
but damn
this nigga walking around and cant nobody see him
I just watched the episode when he went in the rally at the Harlem club and I'm like yo they can't tell it's that nigga
Nigga damn near 7ft and black af
And no disguise lol
Like nigga put on a hat or some shit
lol and where is this nigga getting the money to buy new hoodies
i mean this nigga has to be at TJ MAXX like everyday
I keep asking myself this nigga got a fresh bald doo errrday
When is he shaving
hahaha trust me that's easy
takes like 5 minutes
like brushing...but with a razor lol
how come nobody has shot this nigga in the eye yet
is his eye bullet proof
he always changing his hoodie.. i know his jeans got hit
I don't see why that nigga diamondback ain't shoot him in the face
nigga do you know how mad i would be if a nigga kept shooting my jordans
or my timbs?
i'd kill all of harlem
"oh you punk made bitch ass mark you hit my sneaks again"
I'd be a crooked nigga lol
I woulda kept some of that money
did you see jessica jones?
Yeah but they drained me wit that shit
he fucked the shit out that white girl
so how misty survive
he took it easy on her
made love to her lol
Took it easy on a hoe lol
white girl... fuck her brains out
Yup lol
Jess jones gave no fucks either lol
nah she knew she wanted some of that ol negro slavery quarters dick
sneak down to barn mandingo dick
aye no homo but do you think he need condoms?
like if his dick bulletproof then he aint gotta worry about std's right
he just raw dogging hoes and got super hero pull out strength
like if he pulled out and skeeted on a bitch he might break her jaw
bulletproof skeet gotta hurt bruh
Skeet in a bitch mouth and kill her lol
bitch come in to work the next day with a next brace
girl what happened
that nigga luke cage done pulled out and skeeted at my neck
bitch you gotta duck
Bitch suck his dick and use her teeth and lose them shits hahahaha
chipped a tooth on some dick
dentist be laughing
you the 6th bitch this month
yall better stop sucking dick

Lol bitch just need to watch her teeth
Have a bitch deep throat and go straight thru her throat lol
lol nigga be wanted for murder all over the city
11 bitches this month Luke... what the fuck
he cant have an old lady he get caught every time
that wasn't me
a whole in the back of her head luke... who else was it
shit i dont know.. i think the Hulk out here fucking these hoes baby
not me


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