Cutting people off like the sleeves on my old shirts,

Begging for your approval took away from my self worth
But I put in the self work and dug deep to hit newer depths
Long time friendships can proceed to increase unwanted debts.
If I was doing this for y'all I would've already quit
Good thing is I did it for myself and kept on doing it...
Putting too much energy into trying to seek the praises
Of those who wouldn't lift me up when my spirits fade it's,
Not a sad thing no I feel elated, slightly jubilated.
This should be celebrated, look how far we made it.
Fork in the road and you gotta decide who you gonna eat with,
Life is a journey and you gotta be careful who you move your feet with.
I neglected good people who only wanted to adore me,
To chase the love of those who would rather ignore me,
Do nothing for me, look upon me poorly
But this is not a sore me, no this is me soaring.
Like a child shouting "Mommy look what I can do"!
That's how I been constantly shouting at you.
My scripts scream out, my poems bleed out.
My movies call out, my tears fall out.
This is where we fall out, but don't feel bad..
I'll always smile upon the times we had.
But how can I rock with you when you not gonna rock with me?
How can I keep supporting when you not supporting me properly?
The internet got people believing that they really have friendships
Like if you hit the like button then you really are friends with...
But you don't know anything real that I really am dealing with
Then how could you believe that I rely on your friendship?
This is all surface, this serves no purpose.
If you say you didn't see my message I know it's on purpose.
Too busy doing you to consider me that's when I consider things
At the age now when I'm not afraid to get rid of things.
Things that don't serve my life... things that don't treat me right
Life is too short to fight a losing fight or take a longer flight..
I think I might be on my last tear now...
That and maybe on my last beer now..
One last shot should we cheers now?
This is the end of the road I have no fears now.
They say the ones closest to you are the one that can hurt you,
But it's a big world I just suggest you keep smaller circles.


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