6 TO 6 (PM TO AM)

 I love it when a woman is straight forward,

If you want something girl go for it,
If you feeling a vibe you should explore it,
Your aggressiveness, I applaud it.
You sent a message that you were at the beach,
I said me too, I think we should meet,
She said that's cool, I definitely agree,
Send me coordinates to where you gonna be.
I placed my feet in the sand,
As I confidently held out my hand,
Hair as black as the night,
Skin color so gorgeous and tan.
We talked about our goals and dreams,
The major and minor things,
What we hope to achieve,
And everything that we believe.
It was clear from the conversation,
That was stronger then the Australian waves,
That there would be no hesitation,
If the opportunity was raised.
Underground bars drinking whisky,
The alcohol has us feeling frisky,
I can tell by your smile that you're risky,
If you want me girl come get me.
We don't have that much time left,
Sooner than later I'll have to jet.
But I can give you all of my best,
I can give you everything I have left.
Pillow talking in between sessions,
R&B playlist have us making confessions,
About all our struggles and our blessings,
We get closer to each other's heart every second.
Deep inside you is where I go,
Ever tightly to you I hold,
I may be learning your body,
But I damn sure know your soul.
I tell her about fake love and how it feels so real,
She says she understands and knows exactly how I feel.
Boyz to Men harmonizing, singing "Oh Well",
She's in a fast car and I'm just trying to steer.
Steer her in the right direction,
In our imperfect perfection,
With these erotic injections,
The moaning and all of the sweating,
We're mixing emotions in all of this sexing.
I'm way too deep in your eyes,
Giving you hell to get you to heaven,
Your every kiss it lets me fly.
You fall asleep right in my arms,
As if you know I'll keep you from harm,
The only thing I couldn't protect you from,
Is the rising of the morning sun.
That damn fake love and the real emotion,
But this was as honest as two souls could get.
From just a sunny day at the ocean,
Who would've thought I'd love you from 6 to 6.


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