More than 15 years have past and we both went on living our lives,
Yet she's still one of my favorite past times, and she remains on the list top five.
She's the type of girl you meet when you're too young, and there's still a lot of living to do
And there's still so much to learn & you're too dumb. so you move on not realizing what you'd lose.
I would try to be faithful, but I could never say no to her,
So every time I would return home, I'd go running straight back to her.
I would tell her you got me, baby you got me, baby you caught me,
She would shake her head and disagree, cause when you leave you will have forgot me.
And she was right of course, cause as soon as I'd leave I head right off course.
And find myself with my new girl, the one my family loved the most.
The one you go to meet Mom with, the one you go to the Prom with,
The first girl you ever tell you love, the first girl you ever make love with.
That kind of love sticks, but your immature, and relationships take knowledge.
Cause temptations lurk, and they will arise, and my demons came out at college.
Cause there's girls here and there's girls there and they all wanna know if I go here,
And my ego so out of control here, I didn't know this is how it would go here.
But it's so clear, and it's hard to fight,  the temptation is breaking me down now.
And I love you but I love this, and it's getting harder for me turn it all down.
The hardest break up I ever had to go through, the toughest decision I ever made
But growing up is never easy to do, especially when kids having kids everyday.
Freshman and Sophomore year were all a blur, too many names to list.
But not one of them cracked the top 5, so to me they don't even exist.
Until the first day of auditions, casting to see "The Way Love Goes",
We called in the next person and who is it, the next girl to make my heart go,
Really my first grown up relationship where I decided to grow up and try and relate to shit,
The beginning was great the elation of it, the sex was the best the exploration of it
To keep my dream girl I put my dreams on hold, left the sunshine to live in the cold
I admit it was bold, and if I'd only been told, then maybe my decision would've been different,
But I was living my life without any guidance, maybe a strong voice would've changed my opinion,
Working 9-5 and overtime to give her the life that she needed
Brand new apartment and a dog that we love, our family was all but completed.
But with trying to capture perfection comes a whole lot of undue pressure,
She started to unravel at the gravity of it all, and I did my best to not let her.
But things fall apart, we tear apart hearts,
You always know how it ends, but you forget how it starts.
The next situation started right at the end of my last,
So I'm trying to determine our future, while I'm emotionally stuck in my past.
But we dance right through it, she moves to the music, and I move to the beat of her heart.
Trying to be cautious because I've made mistakes before, but love never lets you play it smart.
Out of all of the four, she was most definitely best,
Because she met me at worse, but she always brought out my best.
But it's difficult when you're on different levels, I was stuck on the ground while she soared
Her career kept on rising and rising, while my dreams lay stuck to the floor.
And I didn't want to be the type of guy who gets in the way of reaching your dreams,
So I stepped to the side, swallowed my pride, and took one for the team.
That one really did the damage, now that one really took a toll,
Cause not only did she take my heart, in a way I think she took my soul.
Cause now I'm evil an hollow, meet em' today and forget em' tomorrow
And no matter how I try to fall in love, I just know that it ends in sorrow.
So I stick to what I'm good at, I play with the skills I got.
And keep waiting until I meet the last of the top 5, and let her take her shot.


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