She said that she loved him, 
But she wasn't in love with him anymore.
There's a difference between the two feelings,
One that she could no longer ignore.
She said she had to move on,
She had dreams she needed to go chase,
He was just trying to hold on,
As the tears flowed down his face.
"Did I do something wrong", he asked?
"Was my love not all that you needed"?
"Maybe she found someone else", he thought?
Could that have been the reason?
Nonetheless she packed her bags and left,
Months went by without one word.
Until one day he received a post card,
His heart stopped, he knew it was her.
It said how much she missed him,
And how she wished that they could talk,
She understands why he took his position,
When she packed her bags and walked.
But she was hoping when she got back,
They could at least spend a little time.
He could already feel his heart crack,
But he wanted to appear as if he was fine.
So they decided to have a round two,
And it felt just like old times,
They had afternoon delight rendezvous,
Now she taking over his mind,
And just when he thought it was safe,
Just when he thought she might stay,
She again had to break his heart,
As she packed up and headed away.
"Never again", he told himself,
Fool me once but don't fool me twice,
But being a fool in love he was,
So love went and fooled him thrice.
Back and forth this game they played,
Up and down the roller coaster went.
Until he could know longer take it,
Too many sins for him to forgive.
So he decided to build a wall,
One that could never be torn apart,
He had to protect what he had left,
Of his weary and broken heart.
So he built his fortress of solitude,
Letting nobody in he didn't trust,
He surrounded himself with bitter shrews,
The password to get in was lust. 
Late at night when the walls are quiet,
And the sky at night is black,
He stares at the postcard she sent him,
And you hear his heart make a crack.
But no matter how high the walls he built,
If her love were to choose to attack,
She could knock it down with a simple swing,
But he knows, she's never coming back.


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