To the son I'll probably never have..
From the man you'll never call dad.
I just needed to speak my piece,
Give you the advice I never had.
See in this world so much can go wrong,
And it's hard to see the right.
The darkness in people's hearts,
Can make it hard to see the light...
But if nothing else believe in yourself,
Make sure you always follow your heart,
Even though there will be some times,
When that leads to it being torn apart,
And when you do experience heart break,
Take it from my experience first hand,
Becoming a player won't make you feel better,
Sexual conquest don't make you a man.
Life is what you make it, 
Find your talent and embrace it,
Your dreams are precious and sacred,
Protect them don't let the world take it.
If you make a promise try and keep it,
A man has to be true to his word.
Hard work and determination,
Respect isn't given until it's earned.
And if you ever find yourself,
In a place where you have to break her heart,
Do it as gentle as you can,
Cause a woman is God's greatest art. 
They'll try to convince you being dumb is cool,
And the educated are just nerds and geeks,
Ironically you'll learn this behavior in school,
But don't believe everything you see.
You see life is an endless battle,
One that guns can't help you prepare for,
Because your greatest weapon will be your mind,
Knowledge is how you win the war.
Money will always be important,
But more important is how you earn it.
Don't be afraid to understand how it works,
Because they don't want you to learn it...
Patience is truly a virtue,
But also know when to go and get it,
Forgive those who have hurt you,
But also never forget it.
They say practice makes it perfect,
But honestly that's a lie,
Because we'll never learn to be perfect,
But what's important is that you always try.
Never fight unless you have to,
Violence should only come last,
Make sure it's worth whatever you fight for,
And if so you whip their ass.
Religion for me is an issue,
Although I believe in a God,
I can't tell you which path to take,
But I'm sure all of them will be hard.
All I can say is don't be afraid to ask questions,
It's worth it to do the research,
"Because that's what my parent's did",
Isn't a good enough reason to go to church.
Surround yourself with good people,
Be tolerant and be kind,
Even if you don't agree with a lifestyle,
Equality should never be denied.
Mistakes are okay you need to make them,
You'll need to in order to grow.
But what's important is that you learn from them,
Never make the same mistake twice in a row. 
I don't care if they say Chivalry is dead,
Open car doors and pull out her seat,
And if she gives you her heart to hold,
Love her back with every beat.
I wish that I could have met you,
I wish I could hear your voice,
It's not something easy to get through,
And it's not too late to change this choice
Tears fall down as I pen this letter,
To my son I'll never have,
Just know I always wanted to do better,
If I ever became your Dad.
But hopefully my words will be read,
By some young man filled with Joy,
And he'll teach his son all these things,
When he has his baby boy.


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