She just wants some of my time,
She wants to know what I have on my mind.
She wants me to come over and lie,
Next to her on the bed and tell truth, no lies.
She asks me to look in her eyes,
Asking me what I be doing when I'm out with the guys,
She know the girls flirt so she won't be surprised.
She's just hoping none of them are my type.
Asking why I don't type?
She sends a message I never reply,
And I get ghost when it's late in the night,
I only come close in the heat of the light.
She say I'm always disappearing on the weekends,
Probably at the bar with some broad who is freaking,
Or at the condo letting all the freaks in,
Listening to The Weeknd, trying to get them freaking
This whole thing stinks, you smell like sex, boy your wreaking.
I know light skin girls are not your only weakness,
I heard you been in Spanish Harlem fucking with a Puerto Rican,
How many other girls with whom are you speaking,
And I know summer coming and you won't be acting decent,
But we just made love, me and you are still recent.
She just wants the truth from me but I know she can't hear it,
She won't let loose of me I don't think she can bear it,
I told you from jump who I was and what I am,
I told you up front that I can't be your man,
I said it out loud that I was Mr. In Between,
You thought I was playing like I didn't say what I mean,
Or you thought you could change me, or for you I would change?
But any good you see in me can not be tamed.
I been hurt too much, my heart too tough,
Love too rotten, my skin too rough.
I think I'm better just being on my own.
I feel much better when I am alone.
No answering the phone, just a man on the roam.
My house ain't a home, I'm a rock, I'm a stone.
You deserve better than me,
I hope you find better than me.
I hope you find love in a man that is just,
And he's everything in life that I'm never gon' be.
Cause that is not me.
No, and I don't know if it's ever gon' be.
So don't wait around, I don't wanna bring you down.
Run away fast as you can cause it's just not me.


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