Girl I swear I need ya, I could never leave ya,
The other girls are previews, and you’re the main feature,
You staying in the game, and they can’t make it to the bleachers
You got that apple bottom girl, and I’m your favorite teacher
Damn you make me hot, nah girl you give me fever,
You all up in my blood, nah girl you give me seizures
And I can be your Adam, and you can be my eve then
And I would follow you right out the Garden of Eden
And my pain is your pain, look at us we bleeding,
Your love has got me flipping, the floor is now the ceiling,
We had that twin tower love, somebody crashed the building.
And these are just my feelings, look at how they spilling,
My hearts got some blanks, I’m looking for the fill in’s.
And any girl will do, step in line and f*cking fill in.

You yearn for me like the flower calling for the sun, you reach for me like the ocean reaches for the sand...you are a rose, and I am the rain, waiting to wet your lips with every drop.
I look into your eyes and I think we feel the same, cupids arrow struck us down, curse his perfect aim, forbidden love that heats my soul, your touch, it scorches me, because i can not share my love, your eyes they torture me.

When we first split up, I tried to be ice cold,
But the warmth of your smile melts me down to my soul,
I tried to erase you, even tried to replace you,
But it seems like all I can do is just chase you
Constant confliction, my thoughts keep switchin’
Love her, leave her, find a new edition,
But there is no cure, your love is my subscription,
Be strong I say, don’t wear your heart on your sleeve,
Its not that bad, she just wants you to believe,
But how can I trust her, seeing what I see,
When I have no knowing, of where she could be,
I try to look deeper,  see past all the fear,
And remember the girl I have loved, over the past year
But people change, and so do their hearts,
Maybe this is why, you chosen to part,
So many questions, no answers to find,
I feel like I will never, truly know what’s on your mind,
But I will continue to trust, that our love is true
And that nobody could stop us, our love will come through.


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