Let's pack another suitcase, let's take another trip,
You know we get it popping in any city pick.
But we heading to Louisiana, where them country girls are thick.
But we both some city slickers, they ain't ready for that sh*t.
And it's Mardi Gras, we came to here party y'all,
Please keep the shots coming cause we here to do it all.
And you know how it goes when you light skin and you wavy,
And she staring at you thinking about the pretty babies,
Making plans for the future, but we making plans too.
But our plans end in the morning when the next day comes through,
See I'll treat you like a princess baby you are my Cinderella,
But when the clock strikes,
We both return to the prior status before we met up,
But there no tears only thank you's and keep in touch,
Because when you're both about the evening,
The morning's don't mean that much.
Sitting at dinner tables on outdoor patios while it's breezy,
Good food, conversation, and drinks, life is easy.
And as always anytime you need me you just call me,
No matter if you doing well, or if you falling.
Heading back into the darkness from which you came,
Then the monster gonna have to save you once again.
We could've sat and talked only about our success,
But instead we use the time wiser to figure out our mess,
Past relationships and setbacks of dating chicks,
Where you give it all you got and you still end alone and sh*t,
And each time it ends, it only makes you more bitter,
But how you still hope for love and not ready to be a quitter,
But the road back to love damn sure can be long one,
So sometimes you pick up a hitch-hiker as a temporary companion,
Until the day you meet the one that's prepared for the long haul,
And she's willing to stick it out and to go through it with you all.
Until that day comes where you have that special woman in place,
I'll be sitting at my house, just staring at my suitcase.


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