I woke up in a very familiar place, to a very familiar sound, and a very familiar feeling. Lying drunk on the floor, the chirping of the morning brewing through the screen door of the patio, thinking what did I do last night, and more importantly, what did I not do? We danced, we drank, we talked, we lied, we were too honest, we lived. We traveled the world in one night through conversation. I learned of her past by touching her skin as we grinded on the hot dance floor to best of 2015 hits. What a time, to be alive. And alive we were. Reaching a level of confidence that only a solid day of drinking can provide, we waged our way through the crowds, hormones on high and eyes focused on the hunt. We wanted bad chicks, we wanted the sexy of the sexy and we would settle for nothing less. We were out for the ultimate of highs, a drug that you couldn't just take, but you had to go experience. The drug of the night, the lights flashing, the people chatting, the drinks flowing, the girls showing, the guys fronting, all out for one thing, to be in the moment and the moment be right. It happens quickly, a pretty girl giving you "the eye". The look that says yes you may speak, and speak we shall. Within moments hands have been shaken and names exchanged. The DJ grants us a gift with the right song to keep it moving on, so the dance floor we hit. A chance to get close as the crowds move around us, I speak into ear the compliments that will hopefully take me places later in the night. Thirsty from the sweat of the dance we return to the bar, everybody a bit more comfortable with each other. Then it happens..."shots"...a seductive suggestion nobody wants to turn down. So we drink more and think less, we laugh louder, and stare deeper. Casual trips to the smokers section as the liquor has brought us to old habits that die slowly. She blows her smoke in the air and the curves of the waves lead me to compliment her dress. A shape that needed to be addressed with proper proportions that I am unable to deny, she was fly. Intoxicated I take her hand as we move through the crowds, she keeps me close as our alcoholic trust is at its highest, tonight we are together. The chill of the air in the late night makes us thankful for pizza joints that stay open late. Hot greasy food was the ultimate aphrodisiac leading to drunk sex. We sat at the table in the midst of Hollywood watching the people stumble along knowing we would soon follow suit. Numbers were being exchanged, plans that we would never keep were being waged, and the only thought that was really on anybodies mind, the one we undoubtedly had to address, is the question of what do we do next? "Whatever we want"....

We  Own the Night.


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