I see a ring on her finger, my mind starts to linger,
Clicking through her photos going down memory lane.
Honestly I'm happy for her, I hope that he adores her,
But yet and still I can't keep the past from haunting my brain.
I remember when I met her, I was working on my letters,
Junior year coming and Varsity football right on the brink,
It was the last days of summer, me and my partners,
Friday nights used to pop, up at the skating rink.
She was light skin, slight thin, with golden brown hair,
Tight jeans and Timbs, thinking what's going on here?
My boy knew her home girl, yeah he already the plug,
So I skated into heart, talking baby what's up?
Soon as she smiled I was done, yeah I knew I was done,
Couple skating to 112, yeah cupid had won.
Plans to meet up at the movies, mom can I get a ride?
Your parents ain't know I was coming, so we had to meet inside.
Heavy make out sessions in the back row of the place,
We not even watching the movie, too busy sucking on face.
And she would come to my games, she stay screaming my name,
And the first time we did it, she repeated the same.
Remember walking through the mall and just holding my hand?
We were shopping for a dress for you to wear to the winter dance,
And all the other boys were jealous because they knew I was your man,
Begging to holla at you every time you would give them glance,
And I remember those fall nights at the state fair,
When it took me half an hour to win you a teddy bear,
I would give up half my life if we could go back and stay there,
But that's not the state of things because life never plays fair.
Silly of us to believe, so young and naive
Caught up in infatuation, all in love with a dream.
And it was my fault, yeah we both know it was my fault,
Trying to be a player too fast, and I got caught.
You placed your beating heart in my hand
I let it hit the asphalt.
And I'm such asshole, you better with my ass gone,
You found you a new love, and I pray that it last long.
I think about you every time that I make a trip back home.
Do you look upon the days of our youth and just laugh,
Two birds in love but due to fly separate paths,
And I don't mean to cause trouble, I hope he doesn't judge me
I'm just smiling at the thought, cause I know, she used to love me.


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