Who you with? Who you been given your precious love?
I hope you not with him just to pass the time like just because...
Because I miss you but you know that I can't say it right...?
And you just as stubborn so I know you gonna put up a fight.
But I'm on your page looking at your pictures liking every post,
And I know you see me watching you but you already made yo choice..
So I had no choice, had to step away and try to respect your space,
But don't think for a second that I've forgotten about the beauty of your face,
Because I wish that I could see you, and I wish that I could call,
But my pride won't let me do it, no I'll never take that fall.
Either you gonna reach out to me, or we just never gonna speak at all.
I know you'll be good through the summer, but like temperatures you bound to fall.
So, who you with? Who been given your precious time?
I know he loves your body, but does he even appreciate your mind?
Or recognize your grind, does he even know your kind?
I'm talking about a real woman not a bad bad bitch, he probably blind.
No he can't see it he can't see you for what you really worth,
All he sees is lips, hips, eyes,  hair, shoes and matching purse.
He artificial girl, yeah he not for real.
And I'm not hating I'm just saying I hope you know the deal.
Cause I know when that hotline blings, that can only mean one thing
Cuffing seasons over and all these players are out looking for brand new teams.
And she's probably wondering, I mean you probably have some questions right?
And if I know you at all, your questions gonna start off just like...
Who you with? Who you been spending time with at the beach?
Who that chick tagging you, talking about going out to get something to eat?
And why you liking my pic' so late, what you doing up at 4am and sh*t?
You were probably out drinking all night, sneaking out the house of some random b*tch.
So who you with? And don't tell me you been chilling all alone.
Cause you a dog and everybody knows a dog loves to bury his bone.
How many hoes are in your phone, I know you got em by codes?
Why you acting like I'm the only one, I know you get em by the load.
Two  people who used to be together, two people who used to know love...
Left with nothing but games to play, cause neither of them have any trust.
So months go by and nothing happens, no they don't even speak a bit,
And when they do, same old song. So, tell me who you with?


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