How to Structure Your Pick-up Game Like A Job Interview

Every man has his strengths and weaknesses; this can’t be truer then when it comes to picking up the ladies. After a great discussion with some fine gentlemen, it became clear that help was needed. You see, meeting a woman and getting her to be interested in you is just like telling a good story, and in any story, the basic structure is: Introduction, Body, & Conclusion.
Introduction: This is much more your look than your words. You would be surprised how much a woman has already decided about you before you even speak. Body language and non-verbal communication must not be ignored. The way you stand, your smile, all these things are important. Your appearance is the introduction into the story of you. What you wear speaks volumes about who you are. First step, dress to impress, dress to speak for yourself.
Body: A first encounter always ends up being a little like a job interview. You don’t want to take up her whole night, but you want to make your time powerful enough, that after she has spent an evening out being hit on by countless numbers of men, it is you she remembers. She is interested in who you are and what you have to offer as an employee, and you are interested in what she has to offer you as an employer. Trust me; the woman is always the employer in these situations as it’s her who’ll be sizing you up with an entourage of questions. But the conversation should flow smoothly; make sure you hit all the bullet points of who you are, but more importantly, allow her to layout all her bullet points and expectations in the position. Even though it might seem like she’s peppering you with questions, make sure you handle them all with charm and a sense of humour, be sure not to take yourself too seriously. You want to give flashes of your personality, but don’t give her it all right away, be mysterious, be confident, be charming, but most importantly be prepared.
Conclusion: Summarize what you have learned about her, this way she knows you were listening. Again let her know how nice it was to meet her and that you appreciate her giving you her time, because she didn’t have to. Most importantly in your conclusion, have a plan for what is next. Don’t leave any doubt that you want to see her again; don’t leave it hanging in the air. By now she has decided whether or not she wants to see you again, so ask away. If the answer is yes, make the plans then and there. Every guy should have a “go to” date. A restaurant you really like, etc. Go somewhere familiar that gives her more details to who you are.
Be confident, be cool, and good luck out there guys.
David Anthony
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