Attention to Detail

When going out for the night, the dating scene must be treated as war. The club is a battleground, and the most prepared soldier will come out of it completing his mission; getting a girl. But to do this, you need to be focused. It’s all in the details.

1. Know your layout: A good soldier knows his surroundings. Be aware of all things happening around you.

2. Know your competition: Most guys walk into a bar and scope out the ladies, but that’s only half the work. You need to scope out the guys too. Be honest with yourself as to where you rank in the scale of things. Don’t waste your time talking to a 10 when there are plenty of more acceptable 8’s out there.

3. Plan your attack: Once you have acquired a target, develop your game plan. Do not proceed with the generic lines. “You are pretty.” “You’re fine.” These are things she probably knows and has heard five times already. Key in on some details. Girls spend a lot of time getting themselves ready, so be specific about what you like, they will appreciate it more. It helps the conversation grow. Example:

Guy: Are you a make up artist?

Girl: No, why?

Guy: It’s just that when I come here, most of the girls make up is so heavy and caked up. But yours is really nice and well done. I mean make up should only enhance your beauty, not create a new person. Yours definitely enhances your beauty.

Re-use. You are welcome.

4. Know when to get out: You should have been taking mental notes on how the conversation is going with the girl you met and by this time have developed your escape route. You know your layout, so you should have an understanding of where your exit points are. Always attempt to leave before her. You don’t want her leaving you, you want to leave her, and leave her wanting more. Create a reason why you need to leave and do it politely and at the climax of the conversation. She will want it to continue, which is when you advise that you exchange numbers.

5. Know when to quit: If it isn’t working, don’t keep trying to get it right. Most of these situations are one shot only. Don’t waste valuable time on a girl you know you lost; move on.

1 for 10 is not bad; after all, you only need one.


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