Who the f*ck you think you are, like who the f*ck you think you is...?
Since when you start leaving me on read on all my messages?
You want me to see you not answer like that's what the message is,
No answer at all like you ain't understand what the question is....?
The question is, do you remember back when you wasn't sh*t?
Before the films and the cars and you wasn't it,
Who was the one that treated you like you deserved that sh*t,
And now you treat me like my hello's get on your nerves and sh*t,
You wasn't acting that way when I first let you hit,
P*ssy so good you swore to me you'd never forget.
That I was the one in the city to hold you down,
And now you treat me like my presence just holds you down. "Hold me now", that's what you used to say inside my bed,
Body trembling and sweat dripping down, all on my legs.
Who gave you focus when you had none, thoughts scattered?
Helped you to pay attention to dreams and things that truly mattered.
These other bitches don't love you, they don't know you either.
I was your wifey, your mother, and your cheerleader. I swore every poem you wrote you spoke to me, I swear every look you gave you saw through me, I'm confused cause every kiss you gave was raw to me, Never holding back why you give your all to me?
If you didn't plan on staying forever then why start with me? If you planned to take it back why share your heart with me? You never gonna let a girl love you the way you need,
And if you do she'll never love you the way I did.
So it will never be as good as it could if you and I were we,
And even when I loved him I still wished it was you inside of me.
That's why you still all alone with nobody, Sitting in your house alone haunted by all the bodies.
Too scared to be a father because of all things your father did,
Too afraid to be a parent because of all the pain your parents hid.
Too worried to have a child because he might have your smile, Too torn to know that he may also have your wild. And you a wild one, you don't want a wild kid, So you pull out, not just with sex but also relationships. And even now I'd still love you if you came for this,
But we both f*cked up right now and you to blame for this.


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