I knew we'd never last I just hoped you'd let me smash,
Spend some time together and make each other laugh.
Spend a whole weekend in the bed making memories,
So that 20 years from now I can pop up like you remember me?
I was the your west coast lover, do you like no other,
And you was my good girl, well according to my mother,
Or my brother, speaking of my brother man what up Bam?
So glad we back together and stronger then we ever been.
Love taking trips in whips with my best friend,
Hit on pretty young things in every city we step in,
What up frellas, shout out to the 5th,
My crew Jedi Knights and even though I'm a Sith,
They never force me to go back into light side,
They know I'll find my way out the dark at the right time.
Speaking of right time, I think it's quite time,
To stop falling in love with girls that write on my timeline.
Social Media will have your heart hoping for the most,
Can't remember the last time I dated a girl on my own coast.
Enough fake love, give me more real love,
I'm not here for what you post I'm supposed to see your real love.
Chemistry and timing, that's really all it is,
So until the day I meet her I'll keep handling biz'.
Some times you fall in love and some times you fall out,
Some times you go to work and some times you call out,
Some times you save your money and some times you ball out,
Go hard or go home make sure you leave it all out.
Too many good dying, too many evil thriving,
Sometimes honesty can be even worse then lying.
But I'm trying, to keep my head up as I move forward,
Hoping we all get it together before we lose more.
And maybe this the year that I will choose love,
Meet a girl settle down and not screw up.
But it's more likely, that I'll be out nightly,
Flirting with a tomboy and complimenting her Nike's
Why be, acting like "New Year New Me"
My name ain't change it's still David Anthony
Innocent Thoughts of a Guilty Man,
It's like I wanna do right but I don't think that I can,
So I'll keep writing until there's no stories left,
2017 coming up I hope you enjoy yourself.


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