Two grown men in their thirties at the bar having a drink,
They both sip in silence, taking their time to think.
Cause they haven't spoke in so long that they don't wanna speak wrong,
So they take the time to reminisce, but they also move on.
It's important to comment on the more current topics,
Like why they both still single and they both haven't stopped it,
The games, the lies, the mornings, the nights,
The one's that got played when players doing it right.
What about old girl that you used to really like?
What happened to her I remember you was chatting with her every night?
We were, we are, we was, I mean you know how we does,
I mean you know about us, I mean you know about love.
One minute you fucking, the next minute you fucked.
Especially when there ain't any level of trust.
And plus, shorty got kids and I ain't ready for that role,
Some step dad, no I ain't ready for that though.
So I had to step yo, cause I ain't an asshole.
Even if leaving her makes me feel like an asshole. 
Exacto mundo, I know how you feel bro,
Shorty I'm with right now, man she has a kid though.
And since I already have a seed in need,
It seems legit to come together to give them everything that they need.
But as soon as I announced that I was calling it quits,
Every girl that I gave time started giving me fits,
What is this? You wasn't hitting me up when you thought I was single,
But now I'm engaged and you ready to engage in a mingle?
You already know I said, these hoes out of control,
But be calm don't let them get you out of your soles.
Marriage is important we need strength in our community,
They trying to make it popular to ruin our black unity.
Love is good, and love is grand.
I would love to take love right by the hand.
And you should he says what about the situation up north?
Too much distance has us constantly getting off course.
And besides that I've been steady searching my soul,
For a girl I used to love who took a piece of my soul.
Thinking it's about time I put in motion a plan
To win her back and put a diamond ring on her hand.
My palms are sweaty, my mind is heavy, my Mom is ready
To celebrate a reunited love and toss up confetti
These are my confessions of my hearts regression,
Reminiscing over loves that we've since regretted.
And even now as these girls surrounding our setting
We know each love was real and we're never forgetting.


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