It was a hot summer day in Miami,
I can remember the day so clearly.
Those Haitian cats were hating on me,
Cause I was bagging everything that came near me.
That's when I saw you walking out the water,
You were heading right in my direction,
So I said the first thing that I thought of,
My God baby girl you perfection.
You smiled at me and you laughed,
A smile even now I'll never forget. 
I said let's go for another swim,
Don't dry off baby girl stay wet.
She told her home girl she'd be back,
As we walked away in the sand.
As soon as our feet touched the water,
We both reached for each other's hand.
The alcohol got us intoxicated,
The weather got us falling in love,
The motion of the waves got us grinding,
Everything in South Beach is such a drug.
And you, you were all on my brain,
I mean you were all in veins,
All I could think of was you,
And it would drive me insane.
But eventually the vacation ended,
And so we said our goodbye's
But the fascination never rescinded,
Somehow we maintained our high.
Years later we both on the phone,
Talking about moving out to L.A.
It'd been our dream for so long,
And now it was coming in play.
I called you once I got out there,
You told me we had to meet up.
It never rains in Southern California,
And now things were starting heat up.
We tried to keep it to just friends,
But who the hell were we kidding,
We both knew the passion too great,
Sexual tension could no longer be hidden.
So now we're drunk in the club,
All alone in the middle of crowd,
Bass beating hard like a drum,
But really it's just our hearts, super loud,
Are we just high on the drugs? 
Or are we high on the love?
Is love the drug or is it drugs we love?
Addicted to it all we're addicted to us.
Baby give me some more, you can't give me enough.
Clothes flying off, we huffing and puffing.
You inhale the lust, you sniffing the substance.
The kissing the touching, the screaming the fuckin'
We fucking up something, we too fucked up or something.
Cause when you ride a wave that high,
It's too intense and you eventually crash.
This love addiction gonna cause us to die.
We better off taking separate paths.
And I feel bad the way that I left it,
But there's never a good way to leave,
But I'll never feel bad or ever regret it...
Our chance little meeting on the beach.
Summer loving in the sands of Miami,
Where the heat provides it's own flavor...
I met one of the best girls I've known,
But we were both on our worst behavior. 


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