This is just the way it is, this is just the way it goes,
Ironically my first play was titled, "The Way Love Goes"
I guess I knew it then, what I still know now,
Love would be tough for me no matter how I played it out...
I wish it was different, I wish it had all worked out,
You gotta exercise love, and we should have worked out.
You know hit the gym, work hard, and get the sweat out,
Work out the haters, they nothing to sweat about
Then we take it home, take it back to our house..
Hop in the shower, turn up the heat, another sweat out.
But you'd rather leave than stay, rather argue and not listen,
I've given you so many chances, and all you do is dismiss them
But that's just the way it is, yeah that's just the way it goes,
You go from lovers and friends, to bitter and hateful foes.
Like do you have amnesia, did you lose your memory?
Cause it seems like you forgot,  it seems you don't remember me?
I was the one you could always call,
I was there to catch you when you fall
I gave you 4 seasons of love,
Loved you winter, spring, summer, fall.
Friday nights spent at the apartment, drinking wine and playing phase 10,
So many cards have been played now, I don't know what phase we in...
But it feels like it's the end, is this how the end begins?
With you calling me names, like I never was your man.?
Like I never held your hand, like we never laid in the sand
Like I wasn't your biggest fan, like we never sat and made plans.
Made plans to be together, stay down through whatever
I played the role of your cheerleader, we could charge through whatever.
Whatever, it's just the way it is, it's just the way it goes,
And it goes this way sometimes, all the lovers know.
Sometimes I wish I never met you, wish I never did.
Lies we tell ourselves ,when the pain is too big.
Thinking about our first kiss, thinking about our last...
One was hope for the future, the other tears of the past.
Tell me what can I do? What can I do? How can I fix this?
But if I'm not the one who's broken, it's hard for me to fix it.
I gave you all I could, I know it never was enough,
But I gave you all I had, it seems that never mattered much.
Can't be taken for granted forever, can't play around too long,
In life we dance to the music, but I'm tired of that same song.
So I'm tired of the same games, no more playing around like this,
So when it all falls apart, know that's just the way it is.


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