Here is something that I have learned from living life and being on social media.....I don't really like people.  Not to say there aren't people I like, I mean I have friends, but in general, people suck lol. But some more than's a short list of a few types of people I really can't stand.

  • I'm walking into the grocery store the other day, lots of working people in there getting their grocery items, lunch, etc. and in comes this ghetto ass dude with a speaker somehow affixed to his belt blasting music...and of course it's not The Isley Brothers, no it's not Prince, or even Usher....he's blasting Young Dro "F*ck Dat B*tch...SMDH....dammit all Ghetto Ni&&a, why do you have to come into this well to do grocery story with your loud ass ghetto music? I immediately feel ashamed and overwhelmingly responsible for your dumb ass actions....mainly i'm upset for two reasons.....One : white people are just looking at me like...." Are you gonna do something about this"? And I feel worse because I felt like it was my responsibility to say "Hey, Hey ni&&, take that ratchet shit outside or turn that sh*t the f*ck embarrassing our hardworking people with that shit.....and 2, because in the right setting I'd be dancing to that hood sh*t and be like hey....obviously he mad at a b*tch. But nonetheless, keep your ghetto ass activities for ghetto ass places and stop coming in the nice store with that bullsh*t.

  • I love watching sports clips on youtube....even more than that, I love talking/arguing sports. But what I can't stand is young people on there that don't know jack sh*t. For instance, a guy wrote up there "LeBron is the best basketball player of our time"? So I asked, how old are you? He responds 14. SMH STFU kids your age even remember Jordan, or do you think he is just some guy who makes expensive sneakers. It's like some 15 year old chick who would think One Direction is the best R&B group ever...I hate you all lol.

  • In general I don't care for bums. And I know that sounds horrible, but you have to understand, I don't care. But I also don't mind giving change to bums when properly asked. But what I can't stand, is gas station bums. I mean, if you are going to be a bum, at least be a smart bum. The gas station is like the WORST PLACE EVER to ask me for change. Nobody wants to give away money after being butt raped by the pump paying 75$ to fill up the tank. And they just hover around your car staring at you as you stare at the screen going up and up. Change? Do you see these prices? F*ck no I don't have change...I should be asking you for some change cause I need one more gallon you jerk. 

  • I remember when I was a teenager and everything was fun and great......what a douche bag right. I'm on the train heading home from a hard day of work, and a group of happy ass teenagers are just laughing and carrying on, tickling each other and shit, holding hands all in love....all I wanna do is yell, "Hey, little kids, SHUT THE F*CK UP!!! Show some respect for the hardworking people on this train whom have hide the joy sucked out of them by adult life and have real problems. And guess what little girl, he may be holding you hand now, but he gonna leave you for a girl who develops tits early anyway...and you.....did you know that these hoes ain't loyal? Well their not, so don't love her. Now sit there and be quiet while I listen to slow love jams that remind me of a better time and respect the worn and weary, ya jerks.  

  • Everyone has their pet of my major ones is people who do not close out a casual greeting. Here's what I mean:
    • Good Morning David, how are you?
    • I'm doing great how are you?
    • -------- (keeps on walking by me)
  • WTF? Close out the sequence!!!!! You supposed to tell me how you are a$$hole! You too good to tell me how you are doing? I know how you're doing, terrible that's how. You are terrible at closing out the greeting and have poor manners. I hope the rest of your day sucks donkey balls, ya jerk.
Guess I'm not what you would call a people person. Come to think of it, people who refer to themselves as "people persons" you grind my gears too. 

David Anthony


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