Random Thoughts of Foolishness: Wolverine

You know, I was watching a trailer for the new X men movie and I got to thinking....what would it be like to be wolverine...then I got to thinking...no really...what would it be like to be Wolverine.

I mean, this dudes whole body is covered in that adamantium stuff....his whole body??? I mean is his dick covered in it too? Does he have metal balls? What kind of underwear do you buy if you have heavy ass metal balls. I mean, this guy must kill the pussy....no I mean literally...a dick that heavy would kill a chick. I mean if he T bagged a chick he would give her brain damage for sure. The only chicks he could be banging would be mutant chicks whose only power is to have an indestructible vagina.

I mean no wonder why this dude has an attitude problem and is always angry...He's been alive like 200 years and has probably only banged like 3 chicks. I guess it's better than have that would sh*t and giving the hoes splinters. That probably can't feel good. A splinter in your vagina. How do you get that out? A gynocologist? That's probably gonna cost extra.

If nothing can hurt him though...can he get a STD? I mean, if this dude is immune to HIV...I'd tear up everything. My dick may be made out of metal...but it's clean.

 But I guess the metal is only around his skeleton structure...and since the penis is a muscle...there's no metal.

But then again he can regenerate. If you cut off Wolverine's dick will it grow back? Like that could be useful. Say you have a girlfriend and she caught you banging another chick...you just whip out your claws, cut off your dick and say... I ain't cheat on you with this dick baby...that's that other dick...I would never touch another chick with the same dick I touch you with. Because that would be cheating. How could you argue with that argument? Sounds good to me.

I'd walk the world going into the worlds most gangster neighborhoods and bitch slap gang bangers....what they gonna do to me...they can't kill me? This is my block now. *gun shots* hahahahaha you fools shooting at Wolverine...you can't kill me. Now run them sneakers.

If Wolverine smashed storm, would she shock him? I mean she's electricity (lightning) and he's like all metal...I mean that could be painful...but she's so fine I would have to shock my way through it until completion. "How was the sex Wolverine"? "Electric baby".

Man. Wolverine must have it pretty good. I don't understand why he's so upset.



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