Innocent Thoughts of a Guilty Man: Grinds My Gears - The Public Transportation Edition

Now if you live in a big city, it's likely you are familiar with public transportation. A bus, a train, cab, whatever. Now public transportation has it's pros and cons like any situation, and its value is usually determined by the individual who chooses to use it. For instance, you live outside the city, your job does not pay for parking, but there is a train easily accessible and a stop near your home to work; thus public transportation may have some value for you. Whatever the various pros may be for your situation, it's more than likely we share the same cons. And I'm here to illuminate those problems and ask all my hardworking commuters to stand up and do something to make a change. With that being said, this is what grinds my gears about public transportation.

  • Loud Music Guy: Hey you, yeah you, the only ignorant mother fucker playing the damn loud music on your cell phone when all these signs clearly say to wear headphones. It's 2014, don't tell me you don't have a pair. I don't wanna hear that ratchet ass music you are blasting. Clearly you are making all the white people uncomfortable on the train and embarrassing me. I don't care how hard you think you are, if we all work together and stomp your ass out and break your phone, I bet you don't come on here with that noise again. #yougonnalearntoday.

  • Ghetto Conversation Girl:  Hey you, yeah you, look Sheneneh....i don't give damn that your raggedy dick boyfriend is running around town cheating on you and ain't been by to see them kids. I don't care what ho tried you on facebook and when you see her it's on. Save that mess for when you get off the bus. Don't nobody wanna hear that. And you have the nerve to put the MF'n phone on speaker so we can hear your retarded friend speaking too? Both of ya'll stupid and i pray you don't have no more kids.

  • Bad Ass Kids: Hey you, yeah you, all of you...where is your damn Daddy? It's 11 at night and y'all on the train acting a damn fool on a school night? And you miss, yes you...Why do you have three kids in a stroller that is only built for one person. That little compartment down there is not for a person to sit in, it's to hold diapers and what not. 

  • Starving Artist: Hey you, yeah you, I get it. You are starving. You got your guitar with you and you need to play for your supper. It's tragic. And with that being said. SHUT THE FUCK UP. I don't care if you are playing so smoothly I cry as you sing the words to my favorite love song. I just finished working a long day at a job I don't like and the last thing I want to hear is you strumming on your damn guitar. That's why I have these big a$$ headphones on, because I don't wanna hear sh*t but my thoughts and music on my playlist. Beat it. 

Ahhhh much better, now I can just sit here and enjoy my ride home without being disturbed. Wait, oh no....come on big fat lady...I know this seat next to me is open...but you can't fit gonna rub on me the entire ride. Damn it.


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