That's a horrible thing to say!

So I can be known to say some pretty horrible things....and it's not that I am a horrible person, but rather I feel there are things to be said that most people won't say out of politeness or wanting to be politically correct. But luckily for me, I don't give a sh*t about any of that! So here are some horrible things I've said lately. Enjoy!

In response to the question: why is it the nicer a man treats a woman, the less she respects him? Also why do I have to raise my voice to get her to listen?

You can't treat her nice right away got to start off shitty. because women love to believe they training they you gotta let her believe she teaching you be bad at first and gradually get better so you can say silly shit to her like..."you made me a better man", and then when you done smashing...just run away..... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

*In response to the question: " What's better, good conversation or Good Sex"

85% of the time I just want her to stfu...the other 15% should consist of "dinner is ready", "I turned the game on for you", "can I get you another beer".......the best conversation you can ever have with a woman should end with, "I'm coming"...followed by sleep.

 From Sunday to Saturday come home and ask your man, " do you wanna have good sex or good conversation tonight" ? 7 out of 7 nights y'all f#$king. You won't never talk again lol. The only reason a man has good conversation with his girl, is if she is on her period. #yeahisaidit

In response to the statement:"Only thing better than good pussy, is new pussy". 

unless she a virgin than the pussy only new to's still some old go get a used car, it's new to you...but another n*gga done drove the shit out of it before you got to it....chicks be getting dudes to believe they pussy the it's not...yo pussy is pussy and so is the next better learn that quick jack...ol' otis say it's cheaper to keeper...cause all pussy is old pussy...better find a girl who can cook and lock that used pussy down.

If you are in the gym IN spandex shorts with your ass out and a sports bra with your nipples pointing at me, don't look at me like I'm rude when I constantly stare at you. I'm a man, I can't help it. You the one in the gym looking like an athletic stripper. #cantblameme


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