Let’s Get Physical

            Ladies, here’s a well known fact. Men like sports. Shocking right? But instead of looking at this as a negative, change it to a positive.  Every guy has dated at least one girl who made him feel like crap for wanting to watch the game. It’s not a good feeling. But guess what, your evil stares will not dampen the fire we hold for our beloved games. So here are three great ways to use our love of sports to your advantage and get and or keep that special guy.

  • Horse: For those of you who don’t know the game of horse, it’s a simple basketball game that can be played by two or more people in which… wait a minute, if you don’t know the game horse…Google it. Now then, the best thing about Horse is it does not require a great deal of athleticism and it’s a good opportunity to use a game he loves to spend time together.

  • Beer Pong: Okay, technically this isn't a sport. But it should be. There have been plenty of times I have been to a party with a girl, and felt embarrassed to have her as my beer pong partner. But on the other side of that, nothing could be sexier than a girl who has skills on the table. Your man should want you on his team, and you should be proud to be his partner. I also encourage that you play one on one at home for practice. And to spice it up, play shot for shot with clothes. You make it he strips, he makes it, and you strip. 

  • Catch: Scenario. Its summer, the gang is at the beach, and somebody breaks out the football. A game is about to happen. Nobody wants the girl who can’t catch on their team. Don’t be that girl. Again, a great chance to impress your man, and spend some quality time, is to ask him to throw the football with you. Men love the chance to teach their girlfriends something they love; it lets us feel in charge, even though we never are. Every guy will be jealous of the guy with the hot girl who keeps catching touchdowns and spiking the ball.

Trust me girls, don’t shy away from sports; don’t make him feel guilty for his love of the game, embrace it. You’ll have a happier relationship in the long run.



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