"Are we going to the party", she asked, knowing damn well she didn't want to go? "I don't know, do you want to go", he replied, knowing damn well he didn't want to go, and neither did she? She arched her butt into his pelvis and they spooned even closer. He squeezed his arms around her even tighter. The two lay nude under the covers as the sun set on a warm summer day. They both smelled like the waves of the beach they had spent the earlier part of the day relaxing and drinking at, enjoying silence. He kissed on her neck gently and could sense her slight smile on the other side. "We could go", he said. "Yeah, we could go", she also noted. But neither moved. It was as if there was a welcomed overwhelming force of gravity holding them down in that bed. He moved his hand and cupped her breast as she entangled her feet in his over and over again. Neither of them had even opened their eyes, as if there nothing to see. Their imaginations were in control for the moment and the regular world would need to wait. "Everyone will be upset if we didn't show up", she stated. "True, but not that upset", he responded. She shrugged her shoulders and he kissed them. "Yeah, not that upset", she agreed. She rolled over and threw her leg across his waist and nuzzled her head under his chin. His body responded instantly wrapping his arms around her. He loved when her chest lay on top of his and their heartbeats aligned in rhythm, two drums on the same beat. "What would we do if we stayed home", she asked cunningly? "I don't know", he said. But he did know. "Order some Chinese food, open that bottle of wine, watch that movie you wanted to watch". He hit her with the big guns, too many solid options to say no to for her. She kissed his chest slowly. "Yeah I guess we could do that", she wondered aloud. "I guess", he agreed. Her slow kisses made it impossible for him to hide his excitement any longer. But that didn't matter as she welcomed his erotic salute. "So, are we gonna go to this party or not", he asked one last time. She slid him inside her, opened her eyes to look at him, and said... "fuck that party".


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