The Man Down Under: The Revolution of Men’s Underwear

    Recently a female companion of mine returned from overseas and brought me back a few gifts. Among these items were two pairs of underwear…well, kinda. These were not the underwear that I was familiar with, I mean I’m not still wearing the standard whitey tighties of my middle school years, but these were far more advanced than I was accustomed. 

   They were Dolce Gabbana underwear that barely fit me and stopped well short of my thighs. These were the kind of underwear that you might see the ladies of the Lingerie Football League wearing. I looked at them and my first reaction was, “are these for you”? Certainly I wasn’t supposed to wear these.

                She told me about how they were stylish and sexy on a man and did a good job of selling me on them, so finally I tried them on. Well guys, after getting through the initial uncomfortable feelings and seeing myself in the mirror, I have to admit; I felt sexy. The next day I was walking through the underwear aisle at Target and I never realized how the men’s underwear section has expanded in it’s selection. I mean I use to always say how they have a store dedicated to women’s underwear and men only get a small aisle in a store.

                Long gone are the simple days of selecting boxer or briefs. We have options now fellas….and which options, comes a responsibility, a responsibility to make good choices. While the European itty bitty undies did make me feel sexy, they are not your everyday underwear. Let’s compare them to a nice pair of black lace undies a lady might wear on Valentine’s Day, an Anniversary, or a special occasion.  Perhaps you are a going on a date and you are quite sure tonight you’re going “all the way”. 

                But these undies come with a warning label guys, you gotta have the figure to rock these right. Know your body. Low rise, mid-rise, speedo cut, the world of underwear has opened up for men. Whether you are a plaid boxer loving guy or if you are looking to spruce it up a bit, the options are there. Choose wisely my friend.


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