Late night and I barely can sleep,
The past haunting me, cruising down memory street.
Looking at the bed at the spot where she used to sleep,
So lonely I catch myself sniffing the sheets...
There it is, still got her scent on it,
Love cost counting how much I spent on it,
Facebook stalking, ah shit who this new n*gga,
Forgot her love, she went found her a new n*gga.
It ain't like you didn't even have a clue n*gga,
Secretly hoping that at least he stay true with her.
Regretfully feeling like you fucked up,
And it's probably because you always stay fucked up.
Out in the club taking shots getting fucked up,
Walking out the door with some chick you just picked up.
Ignoring her calls, deleting her text,
You lost in the sauce, you in lust with her sex,
Young man mistakes, becoming old news,
Stuck in the same path, with these old shoes.
33 out acting like you 22
With a bad bitch find out she only 22,
And feeling so high like you sitting on 22's
Gotta be right this what the rapper's and baller's do.
But you don't know this party life is gonna swallow you,
Cause you think you balling but you ain't got no follow through.
Your life something like the club when the lights come on,
Reality sets in and all the ladies gotta move along,
And you just end up home alone, singing love songs,
And writing sad poems about how the love gone.
Spending too much time getting right just to do some wrong.
Bumping and grinding all night in a hot club,
Short skirt high heels she a part of that thot club.
Probably should walk a way, hot damn that's a thought bruh,
But that's a thot so that thought you never thought of...
And yo girl at home getting cold in a hot tub,
Crying lukewarm tears over what was thought love.
Bringing you back to your bed where the problem start from,
Knowing that you had one
and knowing that you lost one.
When the girl you love is the problem,
But she's also the only solution
Play on player, keep running the streets,
These thoughts are too loud, man I wish I could sleep.


  1. Wow, you can paint a picture cuz. The imagery is bananas. This is heartfelt right here.


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