3 Ways To Turn Your Crib Into A Respectable Home

3 Ways To Turn Your Crib Into A Respectable Home

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I was out Saturday night with a good friend of mine, we passed by some college-aged guys and over heard one of them say, “We gotta get some girls back to the crib”. I laughed inside as I watched them walk away.  Their comment was ridiculous for two reasons: 1) they were wearing those ridiculous skinny jeans that sag in the back, and 2) I used to be just like them.  It reminded me of my college days and my old apartment with my roommate. This came to mind while looking at some old photographs from my college days. Boys have cribs; men have homes.  There comes a time when every Bro needs to grow up.
Here are 3 top tips to help you turn your crib into a respectable home.
1) Silverware and Dinnerware: The plastic forks, two plates, and beer mugs that you took from your mom’s house have to go. You don’t have to get the 64-piece plate set, but you should definitely have enough plates and cups that you don’t have to wash them every time she comes over or you have guests. If she stays the night and makes you breakfast, it will be especially beneficial to have a matching set.
2) Couch: Upgrade the old couch you bought at a garage sale back in freshman year. It’s seen countless parties where drinks were spilled, cigarettes ashed out and drunk sex occurred. I know it’s tough to get rid of something with so many memories. Take a picture, but get rid of it. You don’t have to go all out with a full furniture set, but there are plenty of places to get a smart couch that doesn’t smell like a frat house.
3) Bathroom: Why do you still only have one “good towel”? Or, do you have two towels that are different colors, and nothing in your bathroom matches? Stop that. Having a nice bathroom is a good way to ensure she decides to come back over. Matching towels, shower curtain, perhaps a bath rug; these are all good things. If you want to get her in the shower with you, you’ll need to make it a pleasant experience. Oh yeah, and stop buying toilet paper one roll at a time and buy some tile cleaner. Pubes all over the walls is not attractive.
I could go on, but I think you are getting the picture. I’m not asking you to have a palace with marble floors, multiple bathrooms, and a swimming pool, but you definitely can control what image you display inside your home. The more you do with the less you have speaks a lot about you. It starts with effort Bros, so grow up and get those ladies over!


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