Fellas…’ve got your outfit set up, you just got the fresh cut, showered up, brand new cologne on, not too heavy, got your ride cleaned up, put your “hitting the club” playlist together, all your boys met up for the pre-gaming session, you roll out, stroll up, get in the club, and it’s packed. Now just to solve one problem…all these damn girls are dancing with each other!
Seriously ladies, what’s the deal. I mean don’t get me wrong, I have tried to look at it from your point of view. Fellas, imagine you, a sexy young lady, barely dressed, high heels, in a dark room filled with drunken, horny, freaky as hound dogs with a hard on for everything that moves. I would be a little hesitant to dance with a stranger too.
But hey, you girls knew what you were getting into, and let’s be real, you came to get just as wild as us….so what’s the hold up? It’s as if the ladies made a pact before they left the house. “In order for you to dance with somebody, the rest of us have to sign off”. Seriously, I can’t recall the amount of times I have been standing by watching a guy go in for the move, and then another female standing by gives the "no" signal, and the other girl walks away.
It’s brutal. Do you know how much courage it takes to step up to a beautiful girl and try to dance with her.? That’s why we drink that good old liquid courage. I mean there is no real approach, you never know what’s gonna happen. But we men have our approaches, few I have mastered.

Approach 1: Act a damn fool.
Ladies love to laugh, and it’s a perfect way to get a girl to loosen her guard and get her bodyguards to back off. When you see a pretty girl, bust out with the cabbage patch. I know, I know, you will look stupid. But when she starts laughing and responds with the running man….you will be the one laughing…at all the other guys as she enters her number in your phone.

Approach 2: Pay Attention.
A lot of times we as men don’t pay attention to the ladies. Maybe she doesn’t want to dance with you to Back That Ass Up! If you see a pretty girl you are really interested in…be patient. When the DJ plays that song that she can’t resist moving her feet to…step up to her and tell her, “ I’ve been waiting for your song to come on, just so I could get this dance”. Be different, be daring. Hell, catch her at the bar and ask her, “what song does the DJ need to play for me to dance with you girl”? Then go to the DJ and slide him a $20 to play that joint. I mean come on, you will probably end up spending $20 on some drunk slut who was bouncing her ass to “put it in my mouth” buying shots later if you don’t make a move soon.
Approach 3: Flip the script
This is a move strictly for pro’s. If your ass can’t dance, do not try this move. You will end up looking super gay and getting laughed at badly. But sometimes, you gotta chance it. If there is a pretty girl you wanna dance with, go dance up on her, shake your ass all up on it. Put the moves on her instead of her putting it on you. Most girls can’t help but giggle at your foolish ways, breaking that tension. And if you got that rhythm, that translates to good body strokes in bed, and that’s always a plus.
Nothing worse than a group of girls in the middle of the dance floor, protected by some invisible force filed that repels penis. But honestly, I blame the fellas, and hip hop. Dancing just isn’t dancing anymore. I mean watch people in the club dance. It’s basically the guy standing still while the girl gyrates her ass up and down. Back in the day if you wanted to dance with a girl, you HAD TO DANCE! The jerk, the twist, the mash potato, the jerk, etc. etc.  It used to be the dude who couldn’t dance was corny, now the dude who dances the less is cool.
So next time you want that girl to dance with you, maybe you should be able to move to the beat, maybe she wants a little effort. It takes two right? And ladies, stop fronting like you didn’t come to have a good time and dance as well, be a little more kind to the guy who actually makes a move, it’s not as easy as you think.  So, do you wanna dance?



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